3 Sample Speech on Environment for Students in English

Speech on Environment: Environment, its problems, and their solution are burning topics. So we are providing a short speech on environment of 200-300 words and a long speech on the environment of 500-600 words for school and college students. Read on and rock your speech.

10 lines for Speech on Environment for classes 1,2,3,4

1. Everything around us is our environment.

2. Living beings and non-living things are environment.

3. Water, soil, air, and animals are part of the human environment.

4. Humans are destroying it.

5. Humans are cutting trees.

6. Humans are polluting the environment.

7. Humans are over-using resources.

8. We need to save our environment.

9. We need to plant trees.

10. We must reuse, reduce and recycle.

Speech on Environment for kids
10 lines for Speech on Environment for classes 1,2,3,4

Short speech on environment for children of classes 5, 6, 7, 8

(2-3 minutes time speech/ 200-300 words essay on Environment)

A very good morning everyone, respected dignitaries, teachers, and all my friends;
Today I stand here to present a speech on Environment, which conveys my views on the environment, its problems, and its solutions we have to tackle the problems, so it goes like this:

What is Environment

First of all, what is the environment? Every living being and the non-living things around us are part of the environment. Humans, trees, animals, water, and air are all parts of our environment. And our environment is degrading right now.

Problems of Environment

Human activities are the main cause of harm to the environment. Our large population and blind development are bad for all living beings, non-living things, and our resources. We have polluted our air, water, and soil. Some of the resources are too much polluted to use. Others are almost over like fuels and clean drinking water. Also, such a large population produces unlimited waste and garbage every day, which is further destroying the environment. Severe environmental problems are on the rise like global warming and ozone depletion. Large-scale deforestation is adding up to the problems.

Solutions of the problems

So what is the solution? The government can imply strict rules and laws for the well-being of nature. It can also impose considerable penalty on the lawbreakers. Plus we need to educate people and make them aware about the importance of saving our resources and surroundings. Lastly, we all have to play our part by reusing, reducing, and recycling.


We can win this battle of saving our environment together. We should win this for the upcoming generation. Thank you and have a nice day.

Long speech on environment for students of classes 9 10, 11, 12 and for college students:

(4-5 minutes time speech/ 500-600 words essay on Environment)

Respected dignitaries, teachers, and all my dear friends; A very good morning to everyone;
Today I stand in front of all of you to present a speech on the topic Environment, its problems and solutions we have for the problems, so here it goes:

Introduction of the topic Environment | What is Environment

First of all I would like to define the environment for you in a few easy lines. Our environment consists of all the living beings and the non-living beings around us that form our ecosystem. The environment is a system which provides suitable living conditions for every living being on earth, where every element interacts with each other for survival. It provides food, air, water and all other vital things essential for life. And even a slight disturbance in this system can cause big troubles for us.

Threats to the Environment

And this is what is happening now. Humans have been living on earth from million years now. We have been using all the resources provided to us by our environment without second thoughts. Somewhere, we have actually overused, polluted, and exploited our natural resources. And as a result, the environment is degrading now. And the biggest contributors to the degradation are human activities. Increasing population and industrialization are both the core reasons for the environmental crisis and are the root causes for every problem. The first and the most dreadful problem is environmental pollution. We have been polluting not only our air but also every other possible resource that we have like water, soil, and forests. Researches have shown that many parts of the world do not have clean drinking water or fresh air to breathe, and the situation is only worsening. The second problem is to fulfill the demands of such a huge population; we have been emptying our resources without thinking. We are at the verge of exhausting many of our natural resources like natural fuels and underground water. The next problem comes from the humongous and unmanaged human waste and garbage. We are at the point where there is garbage everywhere, on roads, at tourist places, and even at religious places, which are meant to be the cleanest. Deforestation, global warming, ozone depletion are some of the other major problems of our environment.

Solutions for Environmental Problems

But is listing the problems enough? No. We need to find the solution as we are the root cause of all the problems. The first and foremost solution is on the government’s part. There should be strict laws and rules by them for industries as well as for people for the protection of the environment. And strict actions should be taken against the ones who do not follow the rules. Considerable amount of penalty and even license cancellation should be imposed. The second most important solution comes from educating the people about the environment and the need to save it before it is too late. Finally, we all can play our part by reducing pollution and waste wherever we can. So reuse, reduce and recycle. Sustainable development should be our and our leader’s goal.


In the end, I would like to say that we should not forget that we need to sustain the environment for the upcoming generation who are going to be our own children and grandchildren. We should stop development on the cost of the environment because, in long term, it is going to be life-threatening for all of us. So let us all pledge to do our part to save our world. Thank you and have a great day ahead.

FAQ’s on Environment, its problems, and solutions:

What is the environment?

Everything around us is part of the environment. Every living being, and non-living things form an environment together.

What are the problems of the environment?

Environment is facing a number of problems primarily due to unsustainable human activities like industrialization, deforestation, pollution, exhaustion of resources, etc.

How can we save our environment?

We can save our environment with strict laws for its protection and considerate steps can be taken by the citizens like reusing, reducing, and recycling everything.

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