Real Story of Holi in 10 Lines

Holi is an important Hindu festival. It is celebrated with much enthusiasm. And it has its mythological importance. Here are 10 lines on Holi Story for children and students and for anyone who wants to know the story, origin, and importance of Holi, an important Hindu festival. The article will answer:

  • Why is Holi celebrated and what is its mythological importance?
  • Who was Prahlad?
  • Who was Narasimha?
  • Who was Hiranyakashipu?
  • Who was Holika or Simhika?

10 Lines on Holi Story for Students and Children in English

  1. Holi festival has its mythological origin and importance that goes back million years, the Satya Yuga.
  2. Once there was a demon king named Hiranyakashipu. He was married to Kayadu, he had a son named Prahlad, a sister named Holika and a brother named Hiranyaksha. Hiranyakashipu’s brother Hiranyaksha was killed by the Varaha avatar (descent of a deity) of Lord Vishnu.
  3. Enraged, Hiranyakashipu decided to avenge his brother and for that he thought of gaining mystical powers in form of vardan (boon) from Lord Bramha through Tapasya (penance).
  4. And as a result of his long penance, lord Brahma granted him 5 boon that were- Hiranyakashipu can neither be killed by a human or an animal, neither indoors not outdoors, neither at day or night, neither be astra (projectile weapons) or shashtra (handheld weapons), neither on land, in water or in air. He also got unrivalled combat powers as a boon from Lord Shiva through another act of penance.
  5. These boons made him immensely powerful and immortal and he grew arrogant. Now he wanted everyone to worship him instead of lord Vishnu. But his own son Prahlad was a devotee of Lord Vishnu and he opposed his father’s wish to be worshipped. He says that only Lord Vishnu is supreme and he is omnipresent. This grew the hatred of the Hiranyakashipu towards lord Vishnu even more. As a result, he decided to kill his own son.
  6. He tried every way to kill his son but the little boy was protected every time by the mystical powers of lord Vishnu. Once he and his sister Holika planned on killing the boy by burning him. Holika had a magical shawl that prevented her from burning. They decided that Holika will take the boy in her lap and sit in a fire. But as soon as both went into the fire, Prahlad started chanting the name of lord Vishnu, and hence Holika was burned to ashes and Prahlad walked out unharmed wearing the magical shawl.
  7. Frustrated and angered, the demon king Hiranyakashipu held a mace in his hand and asked his son in a rage that if his Lord is omnipresent then can he come out of a pillar and save him from getting killed, then he hits the pillar with the mace.
  8. In the same moment at twilight, neither day nor night, Lord Vishnu comes out of the pillar taking the form of his avatar, a furious Narasimha. Narasimha has the head of a lion and the body of a man. He is neither human nor animal. Narasimha drags Hiranyakashipu towards the threshold of his courtroom, neither inside nor outside, puts him on his thigh, neither on land, air or water and tore open Hiranyakashipu’s stomach with his sharp claws killing the demon.
  9. This is how peace was restored in the world by the end of Hiranyakashipu.
  10. And hence the survival of Prahlad, and the destruction of the demon kingdom is celebrated as Holi to mark the victory of good over evil.
Story of Holi in 10 lines
Story of Holi in 10 lines

FAQ on Holi:

  1. What is Holi?

    Holi is a Hindu festival celebrated every year in the month of March to mark the starting of Spring season and also to mark the victory of good over evil.

  2. Which festival is called the festival of colors?

    Holi is called the festival of colors as on this day, to celebrate, people play with colors. They apply gulaal (powdered color) on each other.

We hope that this real story of Holi helped you to understand the mythology a bit better. So keep learning and have a great day ahead.

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