10 Lines Essay on Pollution in English for Students

Given below are 10 Lines Essay on Pollution in English with different levels of difficulty.

Pollution is one of the most burning problems of our world. It is a phenomenon majorly single-handedly carried on by humans. In our race for development and advancements, we are overseeing the damage we are doing to nature and our own resources. We need to buck up soon to tackle and lower pollution or the world is on the verge of unknown disasters.

Here are 10 Lines Essay on Pollution for students in English, which will help kids learn about Pollution and its types, causes, and effects:

10 Lines Essay on Pollution for class 1 2 3 4

Here are easy 10 lines Essay on Pollution for kids put together in the easiest way possible.

  1. Pollution is harmful.
  2. It is bad for all living beings.
  3. Air and water pollution are worst.
  4. These spoil our air and water.
  5. Pollution causes diseases.
  6. It causes global warming.
  7. It is bad for planet earth.
  8. We should not use plastic.
  9. We should reuse our waste.
  10. I love my planet and I will help it.
Essay on Pollution
10 lines Essay on Pollution

10 Lines Essay on Pollution for class 5 6 7 8

Here are 10 Lines Essay on Pollution for children in easy language.

  1. When harmful substances are released in the environment, it is called pollution.
  2. There are different types of pollution like air, water, soil, noise, etc.
  3. Pollution is harmful to both living beings and nonliving things.
  4. Major causes of pollution are industrial and human exhaust and waste, vehicle smoke, forest fires, etc.
  5. The most common pollutants are carbon and sulfur compounds, CFCs, HFCs, halons, smoke, dust, chemical pesticides, etc.
  6. It causes diseases and deaths in humans and destroys the surfaces of non-living things.
  7. It also contaminates our resources like air, soil, and water bodies which in turn contaminates the food chain.
  8. Pollution is also the biggest cause of the increase in temperature, global warming, ozone depletion, and acid rains.
  9. As citizens, it is our duty to decrease pollution, by using eco-friendly products and by reducing, reusing, and recycling.
  10. As a society, we can use green substitutes to every pollutant and try to plant more trees.
Essay on Pollution
10 Lines Essay on Pollution for class 5 6 7 8

10 Lines Essay on Pollution for class 9 10 11 12

Here are 10 sentences Essay on Pollution for students. The points cover all the important information of the topic concisely.

  1. The introduction of harmful materials and substances in the environment is called pollution. These harmful elements are called pollutants which contaminate all our resources.
  2. Major and most destructive types of pollutions are Air Pollution, Water Pollution, Soil Pollution and Noise Pollution.
  3. Every kind of pollution not only adversely affects humans, but also animals, both land and marine, birds, microbes, plants and every living creature that you can think of. Plus it also inflicts damage on non-living surfaces.
  4. The negative impact can be direct or indirect. Example of direct effect of pollution is breathing in polluted air, and indirect effect of pollution is eating crops grown in polluted soil and water.
  5. The major causes of pollution are combustion of fossil fuel, industrialization, release of untreated waste directly into water bodies or land, pollution caused from industrial and vehicle release of gases and exhaust, natural phenomena like volcanic eruption and wild fires etc.
  6. Most common pollutants are plastic, CFCs (released from coolants, refrigerants and aerosols), HFCs, halons, use of chemical pesticides, sulfur and carbon compounds (industrial and vehicle exhaust), construction (cause particle suspension like soil and dust in air) etc.
  7. The major negative effects of pollution are ozone depletion, acid rain, global warming due to temperature increase, upset climate, various living organism disease and deaths, contaminated water sources, contaminated food chain by contaminating crops, dairy and poultry and many more.
  8. It is the need of the hour that we take actions towards controlling and mitigating the effects of already done damage due to pollution.
  9. As citizens, what we can swear to is reduce, reuse and recycle to tackle the problem. Use biodegradable products.
  10. As a society we can go green and environment friendly. Reforestation, using environment friendly substitutes whenever and wherever possible, treatment of harmful industrial and human waste etc. All we have to do is take care of our nature in our journey of earth.
Essay on Pollution
10 Lines Essay on Pollution for class 9 10 11 12

FAQ’s on Pollution:

What are the different types of pollution?

Types of pollution are:
Air pollution
Water pollution
Plastic and litter pollution
Soil or land pollution
Noise or sound pollution
Radioactive pollution
Thermal pollution
Light pollution
Visual pollution

What is pollution?

Pollution is the process of contamination of our environment and resources when a pollutant is added in them. A pollutant is a harmful substance which causes damage to everyone and everything that comes in contact with it.

What are causes and effects of pollution?

The major causes of pollution are industrialization (mining and construction), factory exhaust and waste, untreated human waste, burning of fossil fuel, use of plastic, forest fires, volcanic eruption etc.
The harmful effects of pollution are global warming and temperature rise, acid rain, ozone depletion, various diseases in humans and other living organisms, depletion of natural resources, depletion of monuments and buildings, poisoning of crops and so on.

What is the solution of pollution? or How do we stop Pollution? or Can we stop pollution?

We can lower the amount of pollution and its effects by various ways like reforestation, ban plastic, use green fuel, treat waste material of industries and humans properly, reduce, reuse and recycle.

We hope this information on Pollution and its causes, effects, and solutions helped you. Have a nice day.

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