4 Inspirational Stories with Morals for Kids in English

Today we have brought 4 Inspirational Stories with Morals for Kids that will teach them some life lessons and will help them sleep at bedtime too, so read ahead:

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1. The Elephant’s Rope

Inspirational Stories for kids in english
Inspirational Stories for kids in English

Once a man was passing by a tent where circus animals were kept and trained. There he noticed that a group of adult elephants were tied. But the surprising element was that each elephant was tied up with a single thin rope around his ankle and the other end of the rope was tied to a lean pole. The man wondered why the elephants were not breaking free. He asked a trainer about it. The trainer replied, “The thing is, we tie the elephants with the same rope throughout their lives, from infancy to adulthood. When the elephants are babies, the rope is strong enough for them and prevents them from breaking free and as they grow up, they are used to believing that the rope is still unbreakable. And hence they never try to break the rope as adults.” The man felt petty on the mighty but helpless animal.

Moral of the story: When someone is continuously held in limits from their childhood, they grow up to believe that they are weak, inferior and do not have the capability to do anything. And hence, every child should be motivated to believe that they can learn and do anything they want in life.

2. The Gold Mine

Inspirational Stories for kids in english
Inspirational Stories for kids in English

Years ago, news swept through a town, that there were gold ores really close to the surface of earth in the natural mines of the town. So a villager brought mining equipments and started mining in a specific mine close to his house. Every day, he would dig up for hours and then go home without any hint of gold. After several weeks, he got tired of the digging and thought that the information about the gold was just a rumor. So he returned home and sold his mining equipments to his neighbor. From the next day, the neighbor started digging up the mine from where the first man left off. And within only few hours of digging, he hit a huge gold ore; he jumped with happiness and kept digging to discover gold ores of worth millions. He thought to himself, “My neighbor was so close to the gold and left just before he could hit it. He literally threw his treasure towards me after working so hard for months.” Then he returned home and lived happily in wealth.

Moral of the story: Hard work never goes in vain. So have patience and keep working towards your goal and you will definitely achieve it one day.

3. Nails of Anger

Inspirational Stories for kids in english
Inspirational Stories for kids in English

There was a small boy who had a really bad temper. The smallest things would trigger his anger and he would keep shouting at his parents, sister and friends. The anger was becoming toxic for the boy’s personal growth and relationships. So his father finally thought of a plan. He called his son and gave him a hammer and a bag full of long iron nails. He asked him to hammer a nail in the wooden door of his room every time he felt anger. So the routine started. Every time the boy felt anger, he would hammer a nail into the door. And by the time he would be done, the anger would wear off. Each day he hammered almost 15-16 nails and then slowly the count dropped and after few weeks came a day when the boy did not have to hammer a single nail. He ran to his father and told him, the father listened and then asked him to remove one nail each day on which he did not feel any anger. The boy did so and when the final nail came out he saw that the door was bruised from top to bottom. The father then said, “See, each time you damage a moment or hurt a person in your anger, you leave behind scars, so even if you mend your mistake later, the marks still remain. So it is better to think and act with a calm mind.” The boy understood and hugged his father.

Moral of the story: Anger is destructive and hence we should never act or speak when we are angry. First we need to calm down and then respond to the situation.

4. The Despicable Cactus:

Inspirational Stories for kids in english
Inspirational Stories for kids in English

Once upon a time, there was a garden in a desert that was full of beautiful white desert lilies. Among the lilies grew a thorny cactus. All the lilies were friends with each other, but they thought that the cactus was ugly and hence they always ignored and insulted the cactus. The poor cactus would listen to the taunts and feel sad. The only plant that felt sympathy towards him was an old and wise lily plant with withered leaves, who would tell him that he was as important as everyone else. The days went on like this. One fine day, a florist was passing by the garden. He saw the lilies and thought to himself that how amazing it would be if he could make beautiful lily bouquets. So he pulled out a knife and walked towards the garden. All the plants saw the man walking towards them with the sharp knife and started crying. The florist cut the lily flowers one by one and when he left, the only plants he left behind intact were the cactus because of his thorns and the old withered lily plant. The old lily plant said to the now bare-headed lily plants, “You all keep bragging about your looks, but the cactus is the only one who actually rose above looks and adapted to changes that would save him from adverse conditions. So always make sure to work on your qualities rather than running behind appearance.”

Moral of the story: Looks are temporary and only your qualities like behavior, skills, and talent matter in the long run.

We hope that you were able to learn good things through these inspirational stories, so keep learning and have a great day ahead.

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