10 Lines Essay on Health is Wealth in English

Given below are 10 Lines Essay on Health is Wealth or 10 Lines on Importance of Health in English for kids and students with different levels of difficulty.

Our body is a temple and our health is our worship because a sick body and mind cannot do anything good or productive for itself or anyone else even if it wants to. No amount of money or fame can bring happiness to an unhealthy or diseased person. And that is why health is our most precious wealth. A healthy mind and body are capable of fighting any difficulty and overcoming any obstacle in life. And most importantly they are capable of being happy. So given below are 10 Lines on the Importance of Heath in a person’s life, read on:

Here are 10 Lines on the Importance of Health for students in English, which will help kids learn about Health and its importance in life:

10 Lines Essay on Health is Wealth for Kids Class 1 2 3 4

Here are easy 10 lines on the Importance of Health for kids put together in easy words.

1. Health is important.

2. A healthy person is happy.

3. To be healthy we should eat green vegetables.

4. We should eat fresh fruits.

5. We should avoid packet food.

6. We should play outdoor games.

7. We should sleep and wake up on time.

8. We should be clean.

9. We should wash our hands properly.

10. Health is our biggest wealth.

lines on health
Essay on Health is Wealth

10 Lines Essay on Health is Wealth for Class 5 6 7 8

Here are 10 points on the Importance of Health for children in easy language.

1. Being healthy means keeping both our mind and body fit.

2. A healthy person can be happy and productive in life.

3. Today tension and stress are the roots of most diseases.

4. Unhealthy eating habits, lack of sleep and lack of exercise are also reasons of sickness.

5. Bad health also increases cost of living.

6. Simple habits like walking instead of driving and taking stairs can help us be healthy.

7. A balanced diet and routine, with clean surrounding can improve our health.

8. A healthy body and mind can achieve anything easily.

9. Humans get sick. But taking care of ourselves will help us be healthy.

10. Also, medical help should be taken when necessary.

Health is Wealth Essay
Essay on Health is Wealth

10 Lines Essay on Health is Wealth for Class 9 10 11 12

Here are 10 sentences on the Importance of Health for students. We have covered all the important information of the topic concisely.

1. Health is a state of physical, mental, emotional, and social well-being. And all these are interconnected to each other. If any one of these factors is sickened or diseased, the other factors are deeply impacted.

2. Being overall healthy in all the aspects is utmost important to lead a productive and happy life, because any kind of elongated physical, mental, emotional or social unease can cause visible reduction in happiness and productiveness of a person.

3. In today’s fast pacing life and urbanized world, the primary reasons of any kind of sickness or diseases are starting from inside us, which are tension, stress and anxiety. These three when prolonged can cause number of mental issues, which in turn result in physical and emotional diseases, which ultimately result in social issues.

4. Unhealthy food or contaminated water, packed and processed food and beverages, unhygienic living conditions, not getting enough sleep, and lack of physical exercise are some other major reasons of degradation of our health.

5. Degraded health not only affects our body and mind, it also increases the unwanted cost of living which can easily be reduced in most cases if we change our way of living.

6. There are simple things which we can do to look after ourselves health-wise, which are doing physical activities like taking stairs and walking to close distances, sleeping for at least 6 hours a day, avoiding junk and street food as much as possible, limiting sugar and salt intake, eating home-cooked food, etc.

7. A balanced diet with apt amount of exercise and hygienic habits plus clean surrounding can boost immunity and prepare a person to fight most diseases.

8. A healthy body and mind can easily achieve things that a sick body and mind cannot, including happiness.

9. Also, we cannot be healthy at all times. We are human and we are supposed to get sick. But bouncing back to health by internal and external help and changes is important.

10. Every person is differently built. No two people have the exact same need physically and mentally. So it is also necessary to take medical and professional help whenever needed, because health is our most precious wealth.

FAQ’s on the Importance of Health in Life:

  1. What is the importance of health? or Why is health the most important thing in life?

    Health is the most important thing because a healthy person can achieve anything he wants in life, but an unhealthy person will most probably be unproductive and unhappy. And also no amount of money or fame can bring happiness, if a person is sick in any way.

  2. How to be healthy? or How to lead a healthy life?

    There are simple habits which can keep a person healthy. Given below is a list of things to do to be healthy.
    10 Ways to be healthy or to avoid unnecessary sickness and diseases:
    1. Eat natural and organic food (fruits, vegetables, dairy, pulses, etc).
    2. Get enough fresh air and sunlight.
    3. Maintain a good sleeping pattern and get at least 6 hours of sleep daily.
    4. Avoid eating street and junk food.
    5. Limit eating processed, refined and packed food.
    6. Avoid eating food high in sugar, salt, and unhealthy fat.
    7. Exercise regularly.
    8. Include any type of physical activity in the routine like cycling, dancing, etc.
    9. Be hygienic.
    10. Keep surroundings clean.

  3. When is World Health day celebrated?

    World Health Day is celebrated on the 7th of April under World Health Organization (WHO) every year since 1950 after being decided at the first Health Assembly in 1948. We celebrate it to raise awareness about health and fitness.

We hope these few lines of Essay on Health and its Importance helped you. Have a nice day.

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