Essay on Women Empowerment in English for Students

“Behind every successful woman, is a tribe of other successful women, who have her back”

Women’s Empowerment is a trending and influential topic around the globe. Every day we come across an event or an exam, where we are asked to speak or write about Women’s Empowerment. From school students to job-seekers, this topic is important for all. So we have brought this quality content on Women’s Empowerment.

Essay on Women Empowerment
Essay on Women Empowerment

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Short Essay on Women empowerment in 200-250 words

Women empowerment simply means giving every female the opportunities she deserves like we are giving the men the opportunities he deserves, without dumping any favors on her. Because that is what humanity and society is all about. A fair chance is what makes our world just and prosperous.

Our society is made up of almost 50 percent of women or non-men humans. And a society can develop only when each one of us develops. From ages, women have been living with discrimination. Not being able to get education, not being able to have a career, not being able to decide anything for herself. Plus the crimes like feticide, domestic violence, dowry, rape, acid attacks, eve-teasing, and whatnot. For minor things like women toilets and cheaper sanitary pads, women have struggled. This has to stop. And the change has started. People are accepting women as equal. Governments are rolling out schemes, funds, and laws for women empowerment like Beti Bachao Beti Padhao Yojana, Selfie with daughter, Mahila-E-Haat, Mahila Shakti Kendra, Working Women Hostel, Sukanya Yojana, fast-track courts for women cases, helpline numbers, etc. Women themselves are coming out and raising voices for their fair rights and chances. Men are standing up for their fellow females. There is much more we can do, as humans, as nations, and as governments.

Empowering her does not mean to be lenient with her. Just considering her equal and not pulling her down is enough. Together we can make a better world where everyone is considered equal. And this is the need of the hour for a sustainable and happy planet.

Women Empowerment Essay in 450-500 words

Empowering anyone means, letting them use the power that they have within them to carry on with their lives. The moment anyone interferes in the individuals self-made decisions and life forcefully, the empowerment ends. There is nothing you have to do out of the way to empower her. Just considering her an equal human and believing in her strength, mind, and education is enough to empower her. And along with this, women will have to realize her own power and start taking stand for herself as well as for others like her. Both men and women are equally important and integral parts of nature and human life. Their responsibilities may slightly differ due to biological reasons. But apart from that, there is nothing that a man can do and a woman can’t and vice versa. And thus, both should have equal power and opportunities in order to make the world go on smoothly, successfully, and sustainably. The moment anyone faces inequality or lack of basic human rights, the balance is disturbed. The disturbance ultimately results in undesirable outcomes.

From centuries and centuries, women have faced discrimination in every form possible. For example, sati pratha, dowry system, sexual assaults in every form, no education, no career. She was not even allowed to take decisions, because the men were supposed to decide everything. Initially, a woman was supposed to follow the guidelines of her father, then her husband, then her son, and so on, but not anymore.

We are living in the 21st century now. As much as women need the education to know her worth, men need it too, to understand and accept the fact that women are equal to him. And things are actually changing now. From individuals to nations, people are realizing the mistakes of the past. Men are realizing that they suppressed women, women are realizing that they did not raise their voices high enough earlier. Parents have started saving for their daughter’s education along with their son’s education and their marriages. Nations and governments are working continuously towards creating a women friendly laws and schemes in all aspects of life like education, safety, career, marriage etc. For example fast-track court proceedings, women helpline numbers, Beti Bachao Beti Padhao Yojana, Selfie with daughter, Mahila-E-Haat, Mahila Shakti Kendra, Working Women Hostel, Sukanya Yojana, etc. Women are starting to grab all the opportunities coming her way. Results are showing in increasing success stories of women in every field possible. And with this, sooner or later, we will have a planet which considers everyone equal and be happy and content about it too.

Empowering someone does not mean dragging them out of their homes and making them do something you think is empowering. Empowering simply means, letting everyone do what they want in their lives. Once a person is educated and grown enough, letting them decide whatever they want is empowerment. Man and woman, both deserve equity and equality. Each one of us deserves our fair share of life, and the authority to lead it a certain way. And we can simply empower everyone by not creating hindrance in their way of life.

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