Essay on Sports for Students and Children in English

Essay on Importance of Sports for Student’s Welfare and Overall Development”

“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”- and it can surely make any boy or girl a dull kid. This saying dates back to somewhere 1600 century. And someone really thought through it. Because now even studies and researches have shown that sports or any kind of physical activity is not only good for the physical health but also maintains and improves mental health. And this is a topic that is popular among both policymakers and policy followers. Everyone related to education is always concerned about maintaining that balance between studies and sports the child or student in involved in.

Given below are 10 points on “Role of Sports for Student’s Welfare and Overall Development”. These points are further included in a 500 words essay on Sports, which covers points like whether “sports is good for students or not”.

10 reasons why sports is good for students and how to balance sports with studies:

  1. Improved physical health
  2. Improved mental health and being positive and cheerful, lowers anxiety
  3. Learning discipline and becoming punctual
  4. Learning patience and concentration
  5. Boosting confidence
  6. Boosts alertness
  7. Getting good at dealing with losses and setbacks
  8. Learning teamwork, leadership, and communication
  9. Getting good at life skills like problem-solving, decision making, and consistency
  10. Instant energy boosts

Long Essay on Sports 500 Words

Essay on Importance of Sports for Student’s Welfare and Overall Development in 400-500 words:

A sport is a type of physical activity that involves some kind of a skill to play. You don’t learn it in a day. It takes months, years, and dedication to get better at playing a sport and to develop the skill. And if young students and children are encouraged to opt sports of their choices, it can benefit them in every aspect of life, because there are a million advantages of playing sports. It is not only good for physical and mental health but also improves life skills and personality.

Every sport is a skilled physical activity, which proves to be great for the physical health if played regularly. It helps in maintaining weight and is good for cardiac health mainly, further there are many more benefits. And as much as it is good for the body, it is also good for the mind, And there are researches and studies which shows that sports actually helps in reducing anxiety and tension, and releases good hormones which makes a person happy and cheerful, And so the long-term effect of sports on the mental health is really medicinal. And these two are the widely known goods. There are many more skill and personality-based. Sports is like a skill as well as an art which needs constant practice and balance of life, which makes the sportspersons one of the most disciplined and punctual people. They have a fixed timetable and diet round the clock. Even when they are not playing, they maintain their sporty lifestyle. And that is what teaches them patience too. And they learn patience, concentration, and alertness on the ground too. Each basket, or each goal, and each point requires utmost care on their part. One split-second changes everything for a sportsperson. And after that they also know that not every game is a win, sometimes you lose too, and this way they develop this quality of dealing with setbacks and challenges in life. Further, they learn to perform in front of thousands of spectators which naturally boost their confidence and social skills eventually. In sports, when you play in a team, you actually learn to be a team, and if you lead the team, you learn to be a leader. But even if it is a single-player game, you train and compete with other people which eventually teach how to be with people. Eventually, a sport makes people a better person at heart, mind, and body.

Sportsmen are the people learning from real experiences on the grounds and not just books. And every child and students should be given the opportunity and motivation to play a sport to be better at life.

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