10 Lines Essay On School Picnic And Family Picnic For Students Of Classes 1 to 12 in English

10 Lines Essay on School Picnic and Family Picnic: In life, we learn through exposure. We learn when we spend time with our family and friends, we learn when we see nature and we learn when we visit new places. Picnics are a great way to do all of the above. So today we have brought 10 Lines Essays on School Picnics and Family Picnics for Kids and Children of Classes 1st to 12th in English. The essays focus on how the children spent the picnic day with their classmates, family, and friends in few sentences. In today’s fast pacing life, people rarely get time to spend with their loved ones. Children are busy in studying and parents are busy in working. So plan a picnic on your next weekend and spend some quality time with your people. Till then read ahead to take some inspiration for an essay on “how I spent a memorable school picnic/ family picnic”:

10 Lines Essay on School Picnic to a Garden with classmates in English for students of classes 1, 2, 3, 4 in easy words

  1. My class went for a picnic today.
  2. Our class teacher was with us.
  3. We sang songs in the bus.
  4. We ate chocolates and cookies.
  5. We reached a flower garden.
  6. There were beautiful flowers everywhere.
  7. We lay out mats on the ground.
  8. We had our lunch on the mats.
  9. We played hide and seek.
  10. I enjoyed it very much.
10 Lines Essay on School Picnic
10 Lines Essay on School Picnic

10 Lines Essay on School Picnic to a Beach in English for students of classes 5, 6, 7, 8

  1. Our class students and teachers planned a picnic for today on a beach.
  2. We went to the place by a bus.
  3. We all sang songs throughout the journey.
  4. We ate snacks in the bus like chips and chocolates.
  5. When we reached the destination, everyone jumped with joy.
  6. The beach and the water were looking beautiful on the sunny day.
  7. We took out our beach ball and started playing.
  8. Our teachers also joined us.
  9. After hours of playing in the sand, we ate Chinese from a local restaurant.
  10. We returned all exhausted, it was a great day
10 Lines Essay on School Picnic

10 Lines Essay on School Picnic to a Museum with friends in English for students of classes 9, 10, 11, 12

  1. After long sessions of discussions, our class finally decided to have a picnic at a museum.
  2. The museum is situated in the city next to ours so we went there by buses arranged by the school.
  3. The duration of the bus travel with friends in itself was like a picnic.
  4. We kept playing dumb charades while munching on cookies, crisps and chocolates and after that, we started singing old songs.
  5. At one point, even our teachers and driver joined us.
  6. We reached the museum just before noon; the museum was a big old building with a fountain in front and tall trees covering its premises.
  7. The museum kept historic art, antique pots and ancient cutlery.
  8. It was amusing to see the amount of hard work ancient people devoted in carving with hands.
  9. After roaming around in different sections for an hour, we got out and went to a neighboring park and ate home packed food and also bought some snacks for the ride back.
  10. It was a day spent truly well.
10 Lines Essay on School Picnic

10 Lines Essay on Family Picnic to a Pond in English for students of classes 1, 2, 3, 4 in simple words

  1. We went on a family picnic today.
  2. My father, mother and brother were with me.
  3. My mother prepared a picnic basket.
  4. She kept chocolates and fruits in it.
  5. I kept my football with me.
  6. We went to a pond side.
  7. We all played football together.
  8. Then we ate our tasty snacks.
  9. Later we went for boating in the pond.
  10. I loved spending time with my family.
10 lines essay on family picnic

10 Lines Essay on Family Picnic to a Hilly Village Area with Cousins in English for students of classes 5, 6, 7, 8

  1. My family planned a picnic for today.
  2. It was me, my father and mother and my uncle’s family.
  3. We planned to visit a small hilly area near a local village.
  4. We reached there early morning to see the sun rising from behind the hills.
  5. It was a beautiful place.
  6. My father had taken leave from his work; it was great to see him relax.
  7. My uncle is a great cook and hence he had packed home-made bread and noodles for lunch.
  8. We kept exploring the lush green area for a while and then played badminton.
  9. We saw the reddish orange sun setting and then got back home.
  10. It was a really amazing day.
10 Lines Essay on Family Picnic
10 Lines Essay on Family Picnic

10 Lines Essay on Family Picnic to a Biosphere Reserve with neighbors in English for students of classes 9, 10, 11, 12

  1. Our family of four, me, my father, my mother and a little sister, rarely get time to spend together due to our school and office.
  2. So on a weekend, we decided to visit the biosphere reserve that is a two hours of drive from our home.
  3. We reached the place by travelling through hills and lush greenery, it was a view that you can never ever witness in a city.
  4. When we reached the entrance, the bus for the travelers was about the leave, we parked our car and rushed into the bus.
  5. The vehicle took us through the most magical journey of my life.
  6. We were travelling on mud roads and both sides of the road were covered with tall trees.
  7. We spotted animals occasionally like rabbits, wild pigs and even one or two deer, but we all were waiting to spot a tiger.
  8. Finally after a long wait, we saw two tigers sitting casually in the path of the bus; the driver brought the bus to a quiet halt and I had never in my life seen such a royal looking creature. It was a sight I will never forget in my life.
  9. Finally the bus stopped at a protected garden area and we ate food in our body weights.
  10. I had a great time with my family and in future, I will take every opportunity to spend time with them.

FAQ’s on Picnic:

  1. What is a picnic?

    When people gather together anywhere outside their houses, then they eat, play, and enjoy their time together, that is a picnic.

  2. What food do you pack for a picnic?

    You can pack your food keeping two things in mind: it should be easy to prepare because you don’t want to turn a picnic day into a cooking day, secondly, it should be easy to eat, because you don’t want to make a mess. Some easy ideas of picnic food are:
    1. Sandwiches and veg-rolls
    2. Chips and crisps
    3. Chocolates and energy bars
    4. Juice
    5. Fruits
    6. Salads
    7. Bread jam butter
    8. Noodles

  3. What are the best places for a picnic?

    The best places for a picnic are:
    1. Gardens
    2. Pondside
    3. Beaches
    4. Hills
    5. Museums
    6. Biosphere reserves
    7. Parks
    8. Zoo

Picnics are a great way to spend time together. So take out time for yourself and your loved one from your busy schedule and then write about how you spent your picnic day with your class or your family.

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