Essay on Disadvantages of Technology in Education, Teaching and Learning

Essay on Disadvantages of Technology: Is the transition of education from traditional ways to technological ways a good thing or bad? Although technology has somehow done more good than bad in every field, but in education, this is a change that requires utmost care and monitoring from our side as education is one of the most important aspects of our world, as it is going to affect the young minds. So below we have tried to discuss on the topic of the essay on Disadvantages of Technology in Education, Learning, and Teaching in English for kids, students, and children.

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10 Reasons Why Technology in Education is Bad? | Cons of Technology in Education:

  1. Need of child monitoring while they are using the internet to study
  2. 24*7 internet and screen exposure
  3. Unreliable and non-credible sources of information
  4. Unnecessary, uncontrolled, and unfiltered information
  5. Decreased social skills and physical activity
  6. Technology can be isolating
  7. Time-consuming and distracting
  8. Expensive to set up and maintain
  9. Not accessible to everyone and tricky to learn
  10. Limited personal time
Essay on disadvantage of technology
Essay on disadvantage of technology

Paragraph and Essay on Disadvantages of Technology in Education, Learning, and Teaching in 200-300 words:

When we talk of introducing technology in education, we are talking about trusting children with gadgets and the internet. And we are talking about the teachers who have been using traditional ways to teach throughout their lives who might not want to learn the new ways. As much as high-tech gadgets and high-speed internet can do good for the education system, they can bring countless problems too, if left unmonitored with the kids and students.

When we provide a kid a gadget that can have unaltered data from around the world, it needs monitoring and control on what kind of things he is doing. Internet is also the hub of unreliable data that can do more harm than good. In addition, screen exposure is bad for eyesight along with other health problems that arise from lack of physical activities due to screen learning and online gaming. Today’s kids interact with the internet instead of classmates or teachers when in doubt, which can severely harm their social skills and can isolate them. Technology can also be distracting and time-consuming when used in access and can hamper with the personal time that they should have in order to grow as a person outside the digital world. Finally, the biggest problem arises from the lack of accessibility of gadgets or internet or expensiveness.

Technology can potentially transform our education system for the better if used wisely and with planning. The moment it reaches young students un-monitored, it can cause more harm than good. So it is important that authorities and parents guide a young students while using technology properly.

Essay on Disadvantages of Technology in Education, Learning, and Teaching in 400-500 words:

Introduction of technology in education

When we talk of integrating technology in education, we are talking about providing our students and teachers with gadgets and the internet for studying and communicating with each other. This seems like a really progressive idea. But it has many drawbacks too. And the drawbacks of technology in education are actually amendable. With a bit of awareness, we can turn the demerits around. But first, we will have to address them.

Disadvantages of technology in education

Gadgets and internet are addictive and internet also has content that is highly inappropriate for young students. So when we provide students with such resources, it becomes our responsibility to keep a tab on what and how and for how long are they accessing. Too much screen and internet exposure is really harmful. Excess screen exposure not only damages the eyes, but only interacting with machines can invoke anxiety and gloominess. Further, there is unwatched information flowing all over the net, not only the inappropriate one, but even the education-related information can be wrong and unreliable, and that is another drawback of technology. It is often seen that when students are given their own devices, they forget to interact in person with friends and family, and studies have shown that gadgets are keeping children away from physical activities that further cause many chronicle diseases, obesity, and much more.

In simple words, kids are lost so much in using and enjoying technology that they isolate themselves from the people and activities around them. Technology if not controlled will devour all their time and distract them from social relationships and physical activities, sports, etc. It will even leave no time for their personal tasks and care. Further, implementing the technological system is expensive and requires time to time maintenance which not everyone or even every school can necessarily afford. And teaching the students and teachers adapt to new ways of learning is a task in itself. Not everyone is ready to give up their traditional pen-paper way of learning and teaching, specially aged teachers who have been teaching from years in the traditional ways. If not supervised and taught how to incorporate technology in education, it can take up all the time and not even be that useful and effective in bringing a change.


So like everything has its goods and bad, these were bad of technology in learning and teaching. Technology can prove to be revolutionary but it is utmost important that we filter and limit the access of it for young students and teach them to control their own usage when they grow up. And being a nation, it is our responsibility that we give equal opportunities to everyone and when we introduce anyone to technology, we show them the way to use it too.

So this is our take on the disadvantages of technology in education essay. Everything that is automated or fast-track does not necessarily mean that it will spoil the process. We just have to take care that when we introduce teachers and students with gadgets and the internet, we also guide them to use them in a proper manner. Have a nice day.

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