5 Bedtime Stories for Kids about Animal Love and Care

We have brought a collection of 5 Bedtime Stories for kids and children about animals and birds. Through these stories, the kids will learn to love and care for the animals and birds around them. So tell them these easy bedtime stories tonight and teach them something new through fun:

Best 5 Bedtime Stories for Kids

1. Jack and the little puppy

Bedtime Stories for Kids
Bedtime Stories for Kids about Animal Love and Care

One day, eight years old Jack was playing in his backyard with his mother. He suddenly saw a little puppy crying near a tree. He walked closer and saw that the puppy’s leg was bleeding. He felt really bad for the puppy. He ran to his mother and asked her if they could help the little puppy. His mother was happy to see the son’s kind gesture and asked Jack to bring clean water and a first aid box. They together washed the puppy’s wound and cleaned it. Then they applied antiseptic medicine and tied the wound with a clean cloth, and then Jack gave the puppy some of his biscuits to eat. The puppy stopped crying and slowly started playing with Jack. After that day, they both would play together and Jack would bring biscuits for the puppy. Slowly they both became best friends and were inseparable.

2. Soni and the bird’s egg

Bedtime Stories for Kids

Little Soni was playing with her friends one day after school. Strong wind was blowing. Suddenly they saw that something fell down from a tree on the grass. They ran towards the tree to see what it was. When they reached, they were surprised to see a nest with three eggs in it and when they looked up, they saw two little birds flying around the tree. They wanted to place the nest back on the tree to help the bird family. So Soni picked up the nest, kept it in her bag, and started climbed up the tree, she kept the nest in its place and jumped on the ground. Then the kids waited for the parent’s birds to fly into the nest but they did not, so they resumed playing. After sometime, the kids returned to the tree and saw that the eggs were smashed down on the grass and broken. They felt really sad and returned home. At home, Soni told everything to her mom to which her mom replied that birds do not keep anything that a human touches. Soni understood that she should never touch any egg, bird baby, or nest ever again.

3. Eva and her new pet

Bedtime Stories for Kids

Six-year-old Eva was playing in her garden when she saw a small kitten stuck inside dry thorny bushes. The kitten was trying to escape but its fur was strangled by the branches. Eva kept looking for a while in a hope that the little kitten will get free, but the kitten’s struggle was going in vain. Finally, Eva decided to free the kitten. She started to break off the branches of the bushes one by one and carefully. She was getting pricked by the thorns but she did not care. Finally, the last few branches were remaining which were stuck in the kitten’s fur. Eva slowly broke of those branches too and got the kitten free. The kitten was scared; Eva ran inside her house and brought a bowl of milk for it. The kitten slowly slurped all the milk and started to roam all around Eva. Eva’s parents saw the bond the two babies shared and they decided to keep the kitten as their pet. Eva named the kitten Reva and they lived happily.

4. Kia and the lost Dog

Bedtime Stories for Kids
Bedtime Stories for Kids

One day Kia and her parents were walking through the park where they saw a dog. The dog was running here and there. He had a collar on his neck meaning he was a pet dog, but there was no owner nearby. Kia’s father approached the dog and patted him, slowly the dog became calm. Kia’s father then went around the park asking people if anyone knew the dog’s owner but nobody knew. So they decided to take the dog home until his owner was found. The dog started living with them. Kia’s father eventually kept searching for the owner in the park every day. Meanwhile, Kia became fond of the dog. Finally one day, the owner of the dog reached Kia’s home after knowing about his dog’s whereabouts. He told them that the dog’s name was Oreo and he got lost in the new area as they recently shifted. On the thought of Oreo leaving, Kia started crying. Her mother tried to console her. Finally, her father stepped in and asked her that how would she feel if someone would take away her family from her, he said that Oreo was the man’s family. Kia understood and waved goodbye to Oreo, but they promised to meet again every weekend.

5. Romi and the Parrot

Bedtime Stories for Kids
Romi and the Parrot

Romi was a little 5 years old boy. One day while he was visiting the local market with his parents, he saw a parrot in a cage in a shop. The parrot was sitting in a corner of the cage and was very quiet. Romi asked his father that why the parrot was so quiet? His father answered, the parrot is a living creature just like you and me and he is sad because he is captured in a small cage. Romi felt really bad listening to this. He then turned to his parents and said that he wanted the parrot as his birthday gift. The father first hesitated but then brought the parrot. As soon as they returned home, Romi took the cage to the window, his parents were watching silently. Then Romi raised his hand and opened the door of the cage. The parrot did not move for a few seconds and then he walked on the edge of the gate and flew in the open sky. Romi jumped with joy to see the free bird. But then he turned around to face his parents and said sorry for letting the parrot go. The parents walked over to him and hugged him tightly with a sense of pride.

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