10 Lines Essay on Domestic Animals in English for Students and Children

Given below are 10 Lines on Domestic Animals in English for kids of class 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10.

Domestic Animals are an integral part of our planet and society. And it is really important that we teach our kids about animals around us, so that they can befriend and protect them. Domestic Animals and humans form an ecosystem where they co-depend on each other and help one other in different ways, it is our core responsibility to make sure that this ecosystem is balanced and cruelty-free. So it is a great idea to teach our future generations about Domestic Animals to make them empathetic towards these furry four-legged friends of ours.

So given below are a few Lines on domestic/pet animals and their uses for students:

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10 Lines on Domestic Animals for Class 1 2 3 4

  1. Domestic Animals are our friends.
  2. They live with us.
  3. They help us.
  4. They give us milk.
  5. Cow and dog are Domestic Animals.
  6. We feed them.
  7. We give them house.
  8. We should not hurt them.
  9. We should take care of them.
  10. We should love them.
Lines on Domestic Animals in English
Lines on Domestic Animals in English

10 Lines on Domestic Animals for class 5 6 7 8

  1. The animals that we can tame to live with us peacefully are called Domestic Animals.
  2. Humans have lived with animals from centuries.
  3. Humans and animals live together under one roof and help each other.
  4. Examples of most popular Domestic Animals are cows, dogs, goats, camels, ducks, etc.
  5. Animals give us dairy, meat, transportation, companion, etc.
  6. We give them protection and shelter.
  7. They are our loyal friends.
  8. They always serve us in various forms.
  9. We should never ever hurt them.
  10. We should return their service by giving them love and care.
Lines on Domestic Animals in English
Lines on Domestic Animals in English For Students

10 Lines on Domestic Animals for class 9 10 11 12

  1. Domestic Animals are the animals that can easily co-exist with humans without hurting each other unlike wild animals. And both humans and Domestic Animals help each other in making life easier.
  2. They are tamable and learn to live with and accept humans around them as time passes.
  3. Domestication of animals is a process humans have been doing from the starting of humanity.
  4. We can go back in time as long as the proofs and manuscripts allow and can see that humans and Domestic Animals have been living together in an ecosystem.
  5. History says that goats probably were the first ever domesticated animals followed by sheep and chickens, later people started domesticating larger animals like horses and oxen.
  6. Domestic Animals provide a number of help to humans like providing dairy primarily, poultry, transportation, protection, emotional support, companion, loyalty, etc.
  7. In turn, humans provide them with food, shelter, protection, medical services, etc. The most popular Domestic Animals are cows, dogs, cats, buffaloes, oxen, goats, ducks, camels and sheep.
  8. Various animals have been worshipped around different parts of the world from ancient times; this shows us that what importance they hold in our lives.
  9. Domestic Animals are important and inseparable part of human life. They serve us endlessly from birth to death, making our lives easier and merrier with their presence.
  10. Domestic Animals are one of the greatest resources humans have. In return of their services, the most important things we can give them are our love and care, and should never exploit or hurt them.

FAQ’s on 10 Lines on Domestic Animals:

  1. What are Domestic Animals?

    Any animal that can be tamed over time to co-exist with humans peacefully is known as a Domestic Animal. They share an ecosystem with humans where both help each other.

  2. Examples of Domestic Animals: | List of Domestic Animals: | Top 10 Domestic Animals:

    Answer 2: The top 10 types of Domestic Animals around the world are:
    (Livestock or cattle):
    1. Cow and buffaloes
    2. Pigs
    3. Goats and sheep
    4. Yak, llama, alpaca
    5. Ducks and chickens
    Dogs, cats, hamsters
    (Beast of burden):
    1. Oxen and bulls
    2. Horses and camels
    3. Bullocks
    4. Donkey

  3. Which is not a Domestic Animal?

    The animals which cannot be trained or tamed to live with humans are known as wild animals or non-domestic animals.

So this was our take on the topic of Domestic Animals their uses and examples. Feel free to give feedback or you can request any topic from us to write on. Have a good day ahead.

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